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     105 x 99 mm.

     Armenian mother suckling her child. Lipperheide Coll., Berlin. Ploss-Bartels, p 193.


     Book illustration: Hermann Heinrich Ploss, Max Bartels & Paul Bartels: "Woman. An Historical, Gynecological and Anthropological compendium". Ed. John Dingwall, William Heinemann (Medical Books) LTD. London, 1935, p. 193.
History of Infant Feeding. Wickes, Arch.Dis.Child, 1953: "Most primitive women nurse the baby in the horizontal position on their lap, and some use the fingers of their free hand to control the flow of milk. However,the Armenians and several Asiatic races (Georgia, Syria) lean over the supine baby, often resting on a bar which runs above the cradle for support. It has been suggested that in this position less air is swallowed, and certainly it is not customary for these women to lift the baby out of the cradle to eructate after a feed".


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